Advertising in God mode

With superhuman knowledge, wisdom and ability to instantly execute the best advertising strategies God would surely make a fortune in the advertising game.

Most of us, mere mortals, have no superhuman qualities of God, or even any of the (smaller but still more powerful than a human being) gods. As such we are lost in the digital advertising world with very limited visibility of the context, trends, flows of competing ads and bids, and other hidden factors that determine our advertising profitability.

Outstanding performance requires superhuman knowledge and speed of execution

A superhuman outlook on what is happening, and ability to understand the mechanisms and events determining advertising profitability, combined with the ability to act on them immediately – omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence attributed to God – would clearly allow us to dramatically improve our results.

If we knew what was happening, we could identify opportunities for profitable ad bids across the entire digital advertising ecosystem, and adjust our execution in real-time to exploit them.

But lacking these superhuman abilities, so far, we were left on the mercy of big tech advertising platform operators, who know everything that is happening in their networks, but use this knowledge to maximize their profits before ours, and are not willing to share their tricks.

But what if this could be changed?

What if advertising in God-mode was possible to us, mortals?

This would change the dynamics and allow us to shift the balance between big tech ads display network operators, and small advertisers, to enable more transparent, equitable, fairer and – above all – more profitable and scalable digital advertising.

If – like many small business operators – your success and profitability depends on your ability to execute profitable advertising campaigns in the digital space, you will be pleased to know that this is not a pure fantasy, and a solution that enables this has been recently invented.

While maybe it isn’t fully as powerful and omni-everything like true God the creator of Universe is, it uses many of the same qualities and powers, to the extent enabled by current state-of-the-art in technology and Artificial Intelligence, to enable SME businesses to advertise as profitably, easily and efficiently as possible.

Our solution, which we named AdBrain, is exactly what it sounds like – a giant artificial brain, living in the cloud and powered by the most sophisticated AI / Machine Learning models, feeding off the vast quantities of data flowing across the internet, with one and only one, singular purpose and focus: to understand the dynamics of the advertising space, and identify and immediately exploit all profitable advertising opportunities that appear in it.

AdBrain is the world’s first and only Advertising Superintelligence

The system is based on an enormous knowledge base and ever-improving Reinforcement Learning AI algorithms – which continue to learn over time, constantly adjusting to the changing market circumstances – and is able to detect the best opportunities for advertising a specific product or service, for the given time, market, and customer demographic across all available advertising channels – and automatically exploit them for you.

Using the system is easy, and enables you to advertise profitably and at maximum scale, without the need for having an expensive team of digital advertising analysts and marketing experts to operate it.

Unlike many digital marketing experts, who are only experienced with a single, or a small selection, of advertising channels, AdBrain gives you access to the entire digital advertising space, and finds the best ads allocations for you, dynamically adapting to the changing ads market conditions with the speed of thought.
It is like a high-frequency trading system used for trading on stock exchanges by hedge funds and big financial institutions, just focused on exceling at the advertising game, and playing it to win for you.

Thanks to its enormous knowledge and speed of operations it achieves superhuman performance, that even the largest and best teams of human experts are unable to match.

We’ve been developing AdBrain over the last 5 years, with a world-class team of AI engineers, data scientists, software engineers, and digital marketing and advertising experts.

Now you too can achieve Superhuman Performance

Today we are proud to announce, that – with support from the UK innovation agency, Innovate UK – we are ready to open limited access program for early adopters, who want to improve their scale and profitability using digital advertising channels.

You can learn more about our groundbreaking solution on our Digital Advertising AI Platform page.

If you would like to be among the first to benefit from this superhuman unfair advantage in digital advertising space that AdBrain is providing, please leave your business details using the form on our Contact page.

We will be in touch to confirm the next steps, or keep you in the know until we are ready to onboard you.

Given its ability to benefit especially early adopters, who will be able to reap the benefits before everyone else joins and changes the digital advertising market paradigm forever, we wouldn’t blame you if you decide to keep the knowledge of AdBrain’s existence to yourself.

But if you care about someone else who can also benefit from this groundbreaking approach, and is not your direct competitor, please spread the word by sharing the link to this article.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to profitably scaling your business with AdBrain.

Best regards
Rafal Bergman
AdBrain Co-Founder

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Rafal Bergman
Rafal Bergman

Rafal Bergman is a tech entrepreneur, innovator and CTO whose products are used in over 30 countries, including national security applications, and grossed over £300M in sales to date. He has a PhD in Computer Science, is a co-founder of AdBrain, and also runs a Technology & Leadership blog and consulting practice CTO Zen (

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