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Profitable digital advertising is inherently difficult (but we will tell you how to fix it)

Profitable digital advertising is difficult, and for many companies achieving any scalable profit from advertising online has become nigh impossible.

With the ever growing business competition, and limited number of potential customers who we are striving to show our adverts to, the space has became unmanageably crowded, and the profit equation works reliably only for the digital ads operators, who pocket your cash regardless of the results they deliver for you.

The bids for every keyword or click are so elevated that only the richest players can afford paying for them, often with full expectation that this may well be a loss-generating activity. Some of them do not care as they are driven by KPIs and metrics that focus on growth which they have to show to the investors backing them with spare cash to burn.

For smaller companies, that are trying to grow organically and create profitable operations without deep pockets – who lack ability or willingness to subsidize big tech ads operators by swallowing advertising losses – this is not an even playing field.

Profitable digital advertising doesn’t scale

It may seem that this problem does not apply to every business. Some have skilled digital marketing experts and developed their own methods – often with much effort, trial and error, and initial cash losses – of generating profits via selected ads channels that work for them.

But even they cannot scale to where they want to be, and often struggle with expanding the range and scale of their ads. They may be profitable, but only within a narrow, specific and limited formula, that they cannot grow, or even assure that it will remain profitable when the ads display platforms’ algorithms, or marketing trends change tomorrow.

The sad truth is that for many businesses digital advertising is fundamentally unprofitable, or unscalable, and that big tech operators benefit at their expense.

The only ones to always benefit are the Big Tech advertising networks

Digital ads operators do not complain. One man’s problem is another’s license to print money.

They want your money, and do not want you to be disappointed and go away. They also do not want to turn you away and (truthfully) say that they have no capacity to profitably display your ads.

They will try to convince you that they are doing their best to accommodate you and ensure that your ads will be shown to the best audiences, and that they will optimize your results with sophisticated technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We’ve seen this repeating hundreds of times, and the results are rarely what the ads operators claim to deliver. More often than not your professional business offer will be shown alongside children videos of Peppa Pig – which may be ok only if you are selling toys or similar products – or wherever their platform will determine spare capacity to pretend that they are delivering some value, and enable them to accept as much of your money as you are willing to throw at them.

Small guys stand (almost) no chance

The truth is that they don’t care about your results, nor can they truly deliver them within their platforms which live of the (limited) attention of their viewers. Their sophisticated AI algorithms only care about maximizing their profits.

Does this mean that profitable digital advertising is not possible?

Far from that. There are always some profitable niches and pockets of opportunity. The problem is that they are limited, unobvious and dynamically changing over time. They are good for only certain products and services, only for some demographics (types of audiences or customers), only for limited time, and only in certain locations and on selected digital advertising platforms.

Accessing these profitable advertising opportunities requires knowledge, skill, and constant monitoring and adjustment.

That skill and knowledge is expensive to obtain, becomes quickly obsolete when the market changes, and requires a lot of experiments, adjustments, and is more than human full-time effort can deliver.

Big companies have teams of analysts who keep their fingers on the pulse of the advertising market, and work tirelessly to optimize their advertising spend. Even they can’t truly keep with the pace of the ebbs and flows of the enormous and constantly changing digital ads market.

Small business owners cannot afford to hire such dedicated teams, and are left at the mercy of the advertising platforms with their predatory cash-extraction practices.

Does that mean that SME managers, start-up founders, other business people cannot succeed, and are destined to struggle?

It depends.

We’re putting the power back into the hands of SME advertisers

If you are one of the people who is trying to profitably scale your advertising, but can’t achieve 100% success with it, I have an excellent news for you.

We’ve built a solution that excels at finding profitable advertising opportunities, and can take care of this for you. It can effortlessly provide superhuman performance for you, fully automatically, and without the expense and effort of constant human supervision.

The system we’ve built – we named it AdBrain AI – is based on algorithms we’ve built and perfected for maximization of profits in the e-commerce industry over the last 5 years. With help from Innovate UK (the British innovation agency), and our world-class team of AI engineers, data scientists, software engineers and digital advertising experts, we’ve been able to adapt these cutting-edge algorithms for the use in the digital advertising market.

And the results amazed us!

Our platform is (of course) based on Artificial Intelligence, or Machine Learning, but this is not run-off-the-mill variety, but specialized models that are combined with a massive knowledge database, to instantly detect and be able to automatically exploit any bubble of profitability that appears (even if only briefly) across the entire digital advertising ecosystem.

The models have the skills, experience and knowledge to know which product or service can be sold with maximum profit, to specific customers, at a given time, and via which channel, or specific ads display platform. The system uses that knowledge to instantly execute the best ads trades, in near real-time, using its extensive network of connectors to (almost) all the advertising platforms.

AdBrain Profitable Digital Advertising AI Platform constantly learns about your products and services, and continues to improve forever, acting decisively to adjust the allocation of your ads between the different platforms at a speed of thought. In traditional advertising jargon this is called ads brokerage.

Enter AdBrain AI: your friendly advertising superintelligence

By acting with practically zero delay, and constantly analyzing performance across all the channels, demographics and categories of ads, 24/7 – without making any human mistakes or losing focus for even a second – it easily outperforms even large and highly experienced teams of marketing experts.

Importantly, it does not limit itself to one, or a small selection, of marketing channels, but plays them all to identify and use any opportunities that exist over the entire ads marketplace. This is in stark contrast to what individual digital marketing experts – even the best ones – can do, due to their human limitations.

With its superhuman knowledge, ability to keep a track of enormous amounts of data flowing from all across the internet in real-time, and near real-time speed of execution, it achieves superhuman performance.

When using AdBrain digital advertising manager, you know that you achieve maximum return on your advertising spend, without the need to break the bank for the best experts who would otherwise be needed to run your advertising campaigns.

AdBrain AI puts the balance of power between the big tech ads display network operators and you – a small advertiser – back in your favor.

It lets you compete with big companies with their entire advertising and marketing departments.

All at a fraction of the cost or a single human marketer.

But how come you haven’t heard of it before?

Access to AdBrain platform at this time is limited to a selected group of early adopters, chosen for the diversity of their products and services.

We are still open for applications, and will be scaling the program on the first come first served basis as the computational capacity of our infrastructure scales up.

Act fast to secure early advantage

If you would like to be among the first to benefit from this unfair advantage in the digital advertising space that AdBrain Profitable Digital Advertising AI Platform is providing, please contact us today using our Contact page.

We will be in touch to confirm the next steps, or keep you in the know until we are ready to onboard you.

Or, if you are not sure yet, head to our Profitable Digital Advertising AI Platform page to find out more about it, and why and how it can revolutionize your advertising results.

Given its ability to benefit especially early adopters, who will be able to reap the benefits before everyone else joins and changes the digital advertising market paradigm forever, we wouldn’t blame you if you decide to keep the knowledge of AdBrain’s AI existence to yourself.

But if you care about someone else who can also benefit from this groundbreaking approach, and is not your direct competitor, please spread the word by sharing the link to this article.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to profitably scaling your business with AdBrain.

Best regards
Rafal Bergman
AdBrain Co-Founder

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