Innovate UK and Creative Catalyst 2023 Competition Winners AdBrain AI

AdBrain wins Innovative UK and Creative Catalyst 2023 Award 😁🙏🚀

We’re extremely proud and happy to announce that we’ve been selected amongst the winners of the Innovate UK‘s Creative Catalyst 2023 national competition, and awarded a Research & Development grant to make further improvements to our AdBrain Profitable Digital Advertising AI Platform.

The award from the UK Government innovation agency is a reflection of trust in our cutting-edge AI technology, and confirms our position at the cutting-edge of enterprise AI innovation in the United Kingdom.

AdBrain AI platform provides AI-driven optimalization of digital advertising for start-ups, SMEs and other small advertisers. We will use the award with full responsibility and humility to improve our already-cutting-edge AI algorithms, models and platform, to benefit small & medium enterprises in the UK, Europe and everywhere around the world.

Our aim is to give you All powerful tools to restore the balance in the uneven relationship with the big advertising platforms – such as Google, Facebook, Bing, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, X (Twitter) and many others – who often abuse their monopolistic position to earn as much as they can at the expense of small businesses.

We are extremely grateful to Innovate UK for the recognition, trust and honour, and promise you that this will be money invested to the benefit of all SMEs in the UK, and beyond. Thank you!

You can read more about our AdBrain Digital Advertising AI Platform on our Profitable Digital Advertising AI page, or contact us to discuss your experiences with big tech advertising platforms, mutually share insights and best practices, and see if we can be of assistance in this important domain.

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Rafal Bergman
Rafal Bergman

Rafal Bergman is a tech entrepreneur, innovator and CTO whose products are used in over 30 countries, including national security applications, and grossed over £300M in sales to date. He has a PhD in Computer Science, is a co-founder of AdBrain, and also runs a Technology & Leadership blog and consulting practice CTO Zen (

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