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Ecommerce is 99% playing catch up with the industry standards, competition and the always raising bar of customers’ expectations.
Most work is frantically treading water just to stay relevant.

Our advanced and unique AI-based methods turn you into a leader with unassailable advantage.

Traditional ecommerce methods have reached their limits

Artificial Intelligence sets the bar (much) higher

Product knowledge graph

Deciding which products a customer is most likely to purchase is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Knowing how products relate to customers and to each other results in more and bigger orders.

AdBrain Ecommerce
AI Platform

All the most effective ecommerce AI tools available out of the box for quick and seamless integration.

Personalised recommendations

Product display & ads space is scarce, with fierce competition for your customers’ attention. Intelligent recommendations in your shop and on external ads platforms improves conversions and your bottom line.

Competitor intelligence

Knowing what your competitors are doing – what product lines they are selling, for how much and how successfully – gives you an ability to learn from their experiences and outperform them without costly mistakes.


Market ebbs and flows with constantly changing customer needs, fashions, and trends. Knowing what’s behind the corner lets you avoid bad decisions and take full benefit of the emerging opportunities.


Sometimes reducing price just a little leads to much higher sales. Other times you may be undercharging leaving money on the table. AdBrain can adjust prices dynamically based on real-time market data.

AI can revolutionize your ecommerce results. Get the ball rolling today

The power of AdBrain Ecommerce AI Platform
is just a few clicks away

Great things are awaiting you and your ecommerce business.
Don’t wait and contact us today to discuss your needs*.

You will be met by friendly experts from our Ecommerce AI Team who will advise you in a non-salesy way**.

*We never share your data.
**No sales push guaranteed.

With AdBrain you will

#1 Convert better

Close more orders and redefine the maths driving your bottom line profitability.

#2 Sell more

Increase the average size of your customers’ purchases.

#3 Outsmart competitors

Gain superior knowledge that allows you to become a leader in your space.

#4 Be more resilient

Prepare for risks and opportunities created by the changing market and trends.

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