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Every industry is being disrupted by AI

Enterprise AI

Manufacturing, finance, healthcare, retail, logistics, energy, defense. All those and other sectors of industry can benefit from a wider adoption of Artificial Intelligence. Each business has hundreds of potential areas of improvements. And the best way to start is with analysis and creation of an AI Strategy. Our Enterprise AI Team can help with that.


Online commerce is a competitive business, where AI can elevate your game to new heights. Our Ecommerce AI Platform offers all the most effective ecommerce AI tools, including Product Graph, Personalized Recommendations, Competitor Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Dynamic Pricing, and more, available for quick integration.

Digital Advertising

Ads space is scarce, with fierce competition for your customers’ attention. Intelligent AI recommendations, personalization and dynamic arbitrage across all the leading digital ads distribution platforms with AdBrain Advertising AI Platform, ensure best ROAS, customer satisfaction, conversions and is guaranteed to boost your bottom line.

There’s more competition than ever and old tricks no longer suffice

AdBrain AI Superintelligence

We harnessed the power of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (Machine-Learning) to unlock scalable results in cross-channel Digital Advertising, maximize operational performance across sectors such as Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare & others, and to increase conversions and sales volumes in Ecommerce.

Our Enterprise AI Platform redefines what was thought possible, leading to dramatically higher profitability of your Enterprise.

AdBrain algorithms are based on years of original scientific and technological research, and are embedded into an SaaS platform that is quick, cost-effective and easy to integrate – and a breeze to operate.

How AdBrain Enterprise AI Platform
Maximizes Performance & Profit

Superhuman Performance

AdBrain AI algorithms never get tired, or have lapses of focus. They work 24/7 and act at the speed of thought.

Multi-Channel Potence

The best opportunities exist between different channels and advertising networks. We manage them all.

Practical Omniscience

Our AI Platform connects to every available source of data, and can sift petabytes in search for signals.

Continued Self-Improvement

AdBrain Enterprise AI Platform continues to learn from your and other data and gets even better over time.

Cost Efficiency

Our AI models outperform and replace the need for entire costly departments of human data analysts.

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could increase your ROAS by 2x-3x?

How happy are you with your
digital advertising performance?

Break away
from the pack

AdBrain Enterprise AI Platform enables dynamic multi-channel arbitrage that is a game changer in advertising online.

This visionary novel solution is not widely used yet, and hence offers an outsized advantage to the early adopters.

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