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Every industry is being disrupted by AI


In modern manufacturing there are hundreds of points where skillfully designed AI solutions combined with Industry 4.0 (IoT) sensors, lead to increased efficiency, quality, and safety, while lowering the cost of production, logistics, maintenance, unpredictability and variance.

Enterprise AI

AI can turbocharge hundreds of processes across every industry. So far we’ve worked with the following sectors.


Financial services benefit from a wide range of advanced AI applications. From better customer service, more effective sales, personalization of offers, to automatic assessment of risk, credit ratings, insurance premiums, detection of fraud and processing of claims, the possibilities are endless.


Better quality of care, prediction of demand and clinical outcomes, management of schedules, costs and investments, new therapies through genomics & molecular research, analysis of data & automation of diagnoses, are just some examples of advances enabled by AI.

Retail & Commerce

From logistics & predictive stock planning, product & market intelligence, through training, regulatory compliance, sustainability & environmental impact, to effective pricing, sales, personalization, D2C and ecommerce, AI brings endless opportunities for retail operations.


Ads space is scarce with fierce competition for your customers’ attention. AI recommendations, personalization and arbitrage across all the leading ads platforms ensures the best bang for your buck, customer satisfaction, improves ROAS, conversions and your bottom line.

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Regardless of your sector, industry or the specific nature of your enterprise, AI holds a power to improve numerous strains of your operations. There are hundreds of ways you can use AI to fix problems, streamline processes and enhance your results. Taken together those individual improvements will aggregate into a decisive impact on the happiness of your staff, your financial results and market position.

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AI transformation is easier with help from experts

AdBrain Enterprise AI Services

Data & AI
Readiness Analysis

AI transformation journey starts with understanding of the areas where AI can bring the biggest positive impact to your organization, as well as the analysis of available sources of data for training of the AI models. AI adoption opportunities and gaps need to be uncovered and mapped. This provides input to a robust AI Strategy.

AI Strategy &
Transformation Roadmap

In any organization there are hundreds of opportunities for profitable adoption of AI. The key to success lies in strategic planning such that the process of AI transformation is followed in an optimal way, that minimizes risk & cost and maximizes the size of positive outcomes. The output is AI Strategy & Roadmap.

AI Experimentation &
POC Development

Once the highest impact areas for AI adoption are identified and prioritized, experimentation is an effective approach to road test the proposed AI solutions, to validate the assumptions & understand practical implications. This is done to reduce uncertainty without overcommitting the available resources until the risk is minimized.

AdBrain Enterprise AI Platform Integration

If your AI Strategy shows that it would be beneficial for your business, AdBrain Enterprise AI Platform can be integrated into your operations. In many cases our AI platform can be a massive shortcut that saves significant time and cost, while reducing risk and increasing the size of positive impacts.

Bespoke AI Model Development & Tuning

In addition to, or instead of, the integration of the AdBrain Enterprise AI Platform, your business operations may benefit from the development of custom tailored and tuned AI and Machine Learning models designed to enhance your processes and help you attain your specific objectives.

AI Production Scaling & Optimization

Scaling AI solutions into production is a process that requires careful planning, preparation and oversight. Poorly designed AI models can do significant damage, and need to be deployed in a way that reduces risk and constantly monitored & fine-tuned until validated at scale.

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Prepare for risks and opportunities created by the changing market and trends.

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